301 S Phillips Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57104 Map
Phone: (605) 334-0386

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Minervas interiorMAKING MEMORIES SINCE 1977.

Welcome to one of the Midwest's favorite dining destinations. Since 1977, Minervas has been an icon for outstanding food and impeccable service. Guests rave about the diversely delicious menu, featuring everything from in-house aged steaks to ocean fresh seafood to classically authentic pasta. You'll find nine Minerva's locations across the region, including the flagship restaurant in Sioux Falls—a hallmark of the downtown experience.

The original Minervas still stands proudly on the corner of Phillips Avenue and 11th Street. The iconic restaurant was first established as Minervas Corner Creperie and eventually became the Minervas we know today. Over the years, Minervas has led the way in the catering to the needs and desires of the region—from being one of the first to fly fresh fish to land-locked South Dakota to serving menu items reflective of the area, including native fish and wild game.

Minervas' highly regarded reputation continues to make the restaurant a favorite for celebrating special occasions. We've also served our share of famous visitors including presidents, movie stars, musicians, politicians and celebrities.

Creating amazing memories is part of our colorful history. Making more of them is our promise for the future.