Morrie's Steakhouse
2507 S Shirley Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57106 Map
Phone: (605) 362-8125

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Timeless Taste

Morrie’s Steakhouse strives for dining excellence.

Think back to a time when legends lived. Old Hollywood. Jazz classics.
Sophistication with an air of unpredictability.

Back then, dining was a complete experience.
Outstanding cuts of meat. Crafted cocktails. Unforgettable interactions.
At Morrie’s, we recapture that timeless taste.

Experience meets innovation in this latest concept from Vanguard Hospitality, owners of
Minervas in Downtown Sioux Falls, Grille 26, and Foleys Fish, Chop and Steakhouse, which has been reborn as Morrie’s.

From the cuisine to the conversation, we guarantee your evening will leave a lasting impression.