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Voter FAQ

How do I know my votes were saved?

Once you're registered, your votes are automatically saved as soon as you type them in. You don't need to click a "finish" or "submit" button. But, if you want your votes to count and have a chance to win prizes, you must verify your profile. If your profile has not been verified, you will see a verification alert at the top of your profile page. So be sure to verify.

What if I want to suggest a category that I don't see?

We love to hear your input! We have a team that meets regularly to determine new categories to add. If you have a new one you think we should consider, just fill out the contact us form with your suggestion.

How come business names pop up when I start typing in the voting section?

The list that pops up are businesses that are already in our system. These aren't suggestions, and we don't limit what categories they appear in since many businesses can be eligible in more than one category. The pop up is simply to help make the voting process faster since you can select the business name and not have to type them all in.

What if I want to vote for a business that isn't in the list that pops up?

Just type it in and tab over to the next category, even if it's typed in it gets counted. If your business doesn’t come up, click on the "For Business" section of our website and learn how to add your business to our system.

Do I have to vote in every category?

No. We don’t want you to vote in every category. To make our recommendations as good as possible, we only want you to vote in the categories you know. So, how many votes you cast is up to you. The vote will count as long as the business actually fits the category (example: a vote for a gas station would not be counted if it was voted for in the Medical Clinics category).

Why is the voting section so long?

We want our guide to be a comprehensive listing of the most-loved places, so we cover all the categories that matter most to the locals. But you don’t have to vote in all of them. Just vote in the areas that you want. You can also start voting and come back to it any time before the voting ends to finish it.

Can't someone go through and quickly type in anything just to boost their chances of winning a prize?

No, only votes that are valid (the vote is for a business that actually provides that product/service) are counted as entries to win a voter prize.

I don't have time to finish the voting right now, can I save it and come back later?

Yes! You don't even have to hit a save button. As long as you're registered, your votes are saved right after you type them in. When you're ready to come back & finish, just sign in on our website and continue your voting, your previous responses will be there if you need to change anything.

So if the votes are saved once they're typed in, can I change my vote?

You sure can! Votes are saved and in the system, but if you decide to change a business you want to vote for the new one you enter will replace the one you previously typed in. Votes are not "officially" tallied up until the annual end of voting.

Have other voting questions?

Fill out our contact us form here. Select the reason "Voter wanting more information" and fill out the form with your information and type your question in the message area. Make sure your email is valid so we can respond to your questions.

Business FAQ

How Does A Business Qualify As A Winner?

A maximum of 5 nominees in each category are awarded the title of a The Local Best winner. Winners must be in the top 20% of the total nominees of their category. If a category has less than 25 nominees, there are less than 5 winners.

How Do You Minimize the Occurrence of Random Selection Picking?

A voter must type in their choice by name, we do not offer multiple choice. We encourage voters to only vote for places they have personally done business with.

Who Can Vote & When?

Anyone over the age of 13 can vote once each year! We heavily promote voting the last month before voting closes, but voting is available all year round! At the end of voting your ballot is automatically submitted to us.

How Do You Prevent Voters From Stacking the Deck?

We set up a sophisticated voting system that enables us to track who is voting. Each person is allowed to vote in each category one time. A person must create a login and password and provide a few personal details about themselves before starting. If they try to vote more than once a year, it will override their previous votes.

Why Would I Vote?

  • You are a nice person and want to help people find places they'll love.
  • Someone wow'd you with their product or service and you want to thank them.
  • You like iPads and gift certificates to fun local businesses, and found out we're giving them away every year to locals who vote in our survey.

How Do I Vote?

Visit thelocalbest.com. Pick your city. Click on Vote! You will have to create a login and password your first time visiting.

Can I Encourage People To Vote For My Business?

Absolutely! We even provide images and tips on how to do this. For information on voting and campaigning, visit Campaign Stuff. We strongly encourage the most active campaigning the month before voting closes.

What Is Also Loved?

Being Also Loved means you didn't come out as one of the top 5 winners, but you still got quite a few votes in that category. (Kind of like an honorable mention!)