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Mini Critters Pet Village
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Phone: (605) 361-0006

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Happy & Healthy Pets

Mini Critters has everything you need to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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We know that you have many choices of puppies for your family and we will be with you every step of the way in your families adoptions process. Knowing what breed of puppy your family needs can be like a puzzle with no square edges but no worries we are here to help. We offer puppies of all shapes and sizes, colors and hair coats. It is our goal to help you find your furry family member. All of our puppies are checked by a veterinarian twice before coming to the store. They are current on vaccinations and have a 1 year warranty and a 4 week obedience class is included.

Doggie Daycare

Check out our newly renovated outdoor area!!

What is your dog doing while you're away at work all day? Dogs thrive on human attention. It's why we like to have them around.Doggie Daycare

Unfortunately, many dogs don't understand that we have to leave them for work and school and other things in life. They can get upset and act out in retaliation, or turn gloomy and grumpy. Excessive licking, chewing, digging, barking and more can be signs that your dog is just plain bored with life.

Doggie Daycare is an excellent opportunity for socialization of your dog with other dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages. Your dog will get a chance to play hard while interacting with other dogs and our daycare staff. Every day is filled with stimulating play and a little quiet time for resting.

At the end of the day, your dog will welcome you with a happy outlook and be ready to socialize with the family in a healthy way. Also, Doggie Daycare is a great way for those HIGH ENERGY dogs to expend their energy, rather than having it bottled up all day by staying home in a kennel or just not having any interaction while you are away or at work.



We believe that nutrition is your first line of defense against many of the diseases that plague our pets. Some behaviors that could indicate your pet isn’t getting proper food are:

  • Obsessive scratching & licking
  • chronic urinary tract issues
  • chronic ear infections
  • digestive disturbances

Research has proven that nutrients play a significant role in the aging process, the ability to learn, immune function, and life span. In fact, proper nutrition can increase the average lifespan up to two years.

High quality meat-based pet foods can make a remarkable difference in the health of our companion animals. At mini-critters, we carry a wide variety of nutritious, all-natural pet food options.

Cats are carnivores and cannot survive without meat. They have no need for carbohydrates, yet many commercial cat foods feature corn as the main ingredient. A proper food will result in less shedding, hairballs and vomiting. Proper nutrition also plays a large role in obesity, diabetic, and urinary tract diseases. There is also a growing body of knowledge that recommends the use of high quality canned foods for cats. Cats do not drink enough water (as a general rule), therefore suffering from high rates of urinary tract issues. Feeding canned food one meal a day can be very beneficial, some cats will do better on a total diet of canned food. Fountain watering units can also benefit cats, as they are attracted to moving water. Canned food can also be beneficial for weight loss.

Dogs are also carnivores and will benefit equally from a high quality dog food. Chronic ear infections, obsessive licking of feet, and hot spots have all been eliminated after removing corn from the diet. For those still suffering, bring your pet in to mini-critters and our knowledgeable staff will assist in finding the best pet food for your pet.

Pet food for older dogs have additional nutrients to benefit aging joints and digestive systems as well as decreased calories for decreased activity levels. So, if your dog is older, you should consider this option.

Another benefit of high quality foods is that they are nutrient rich and easy to digest, which means less food. Less food means less poop! And high quality food means less stinky poop and less associated gastronomical explosions (farts). Did you know if you feed a total raw meat diet to a mid-size dog that the poop is small and airy (kind of like Styrofoam) and it will dissolve in the rain?

The last hidden benefit is decreased vet bills (sorry vets!).

We are pleased to offer you a selection of the finest foods available. Dry kibble, canned, freeze dried and raw, as well as our knowledgeable staff to help you find the food best suited for your pet.

No matter the quality of food, obesity in our pets is a fast growing problem. Please regulate your furry friends food according to their activity level. Start with the recommended feeding per weight on the food you are feeding and adjust for the activity level. If they sleep all day feed less. If you have more than one pet, please feed separately so you know how much they are eating. Have healthy snacks available (low fat for those with weight issues), and remember: food does not equal love. Just because they want a treat or more food does not mean they need it! Go for a walk, have a romp in the dog park or drop your dog off at mini-critters before work and we'll do the calorie burning for you.