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BritZa Performing Arts Studio

Dream. Discover. Dance.

Welcome to BritZa Performing Arts Studio: Your safe space to learn, create, and perform.

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Founded in 1985 by Jill Kunstle as Music in Motion, today BritZa is led by former student and teacher Amanda Hahn and has grown to encompass acting and singing as well as dancing.

In all areas, BritZa Performing Arts Studio aspires to inspire, equip, and encourage students of all ages that "you can do hard things" — no matter who you are.

The BritZa team cares for each student individually, both in class and outside it. With a foundation laid on the gospel of Jesus, BritZa creates a wholesome environment that allows students to feel supported, improve their skills, and become part of a loving family.

Our core values


Every student is unique. Teachers meet students wherever they are in their performing journeys to help them gain confidence in their bodies, practice self-care, and become the best version of themselves.


Every student is loved. Teachers practice (but don't impose) Christian principles in their classes to train, uplift, and care for students so they feel empowered to reach their personal creative goals.


Every student is capable. Teachers employ high-level training and standards to instruct students in their craft, helping students achieve growth they didn't believe possible when they first began.

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