Breadsmith MAIN
609 W 33rd St
Sioux Falls, SD 57105 Map
Phone: (605) 338-1338

Breadsmith WEST
1813 S. Marion Road
Sioux Falls, SD 57106 Map
Phone: (605) 275-2338

Breadsmith EAST
1614 S. Sycamore
Sioux Falls, SD 57110
Phone: (605) 271-4730

Breadsmith SOUTH
1212 E 57th St
Sioux Falls, SD 57108 Map
Phone: (605) 271-4732

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Breadsmith Offers World-Class Product With World-Class Service

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Breadsmith is your neighborhood place for the finest European-style breads. Breadsmith uses the highest quality ingredients to handcraft artisan breads from scratch. Water, flour, salt and yeast are the foundation of our breads with NO preservatives added. Breadsmith has a strong focus on taste and freshness; that's why all the bread in our bakery is baked fresh each day. Stop in to taste a FREE sample.

Breadsmith is active in the community. We donate more than 10,000 loaves of bread each year. We participate in hundreds of local fundraisers, silent auctions, and events by donating bread. We are grateful to the community of Sioux Falls for naming us the local best bread year after year and will continue to maintain the production of a world-class product with world-class service.

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