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Property Management for Apartments and Townhomes

Deer Hollow Apartments, Hartford, SDFor over 40 years, Costello Companies has provided affordable and well-maintained apartments and townhomes. We are determined to provide housing opportunities that foster and support housing choices that are attractive, affordable and well designed. This gives our residents a sense of community and enhances the town or city’s quality of life.

Costello Companies is committed to making a difference in the affordable housing industry by exemplifying the highest standards of knowledge, experience, ability and professionalism.

Thomas P. Costello saw the opportunity and the need to provide subsidized housing in the 1960s. As HUD and then USDA Rural Development expanded, Thomas P. worked with these agencies to provide this much needed housing. When the Section 42 Low Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC) started in 1987 Thomas P’s sons Dan and Tom III were some of the first developers to see this opportunity and build a community with this financing. Since then, they have developed over 75 LIHTC properties. The LIHTC program is widely accepted as the most successful government sponsored housing program ever established.