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Deer Hollow Apartments, Hartford, SD

For over 40 years, Costello Companies has provided affordable and well-maintained apartments and townhomes. We are determined to provide housing opportunities that foster and support housing choices that are attractive, affordable and well designed. This gives our residents a sense of community and enhances the town or city’s quality of life.  Apartments and townhomes are available around Sioux Falls and surrounding communities.  Visit our web site at for additional information on each property.


Sioux Falls

Bergeland Apartments (Senior only): 605-977-6120

Brennan Hill Townhomes:  605-335-8252

Bristol Court Apartments:  605-659-0411

Brooks Townhomes:  605-659-0411

Cathedral Heights (Senior only):  605-929-1080

Chasing Willows I & II:  605-553-7542

Copper Pass Apartments:  605-951-9545

East Pointe Townhomes:  605-335-8252

Ellis Court Apartments:  605-366-8410

Grant Square Apartments:  605-692-9551

Heritage Apartments (Rent Subsidy Available):  605-366-3277

Monterey Apartments:  605-335-8252

North Ridge Apartments & Townhomes: 605-261-4006

Pettigrew Heights (Senior Only):  605-929-1080

Quail Hollow Apartments:  605-335-8252

Rolling Hills Townhomes (Rent Subsidy Available):  605-366-2631

Rosecrest Townhomes: 605-275-7673

South Ridge Apartments & Townhomes: 605-275-7673

Spring Hill Apartments (Rent Subsidy Available):  605-366-3277

Stoney Creek Townhomes: 605-951-8993

Wellington Park Apartments (Rent Subsidy Available / Senior & Disabled): 605-366-2631

West Creek Woods Apartments (Seniors only): 605-977-6120

West Pointe Townhomes: 605-838-5781

Williamsburg Townhomes: 605-951-8993



Arrow Ridge Townhomes:  605-553-7210

Brandon Heights I & II:  605-553-7210

Redwood Court I & II:  605-553-7210

Split Rock Apartments (Seniors only):  605-582-7705



Diamond Acres Apartments (Rent Subsidy Available):  605-261-4006

McCormick Apartments (Rent Subsidy Available):  605-261-4006

St. Stephens Apartments (Rent Subsidy Available):  605-261-4006



Green Briar Apartments:  605-692-9551

South Briar Apartments:  605-692-9551



Fairmont Apartments (Rent Subsidy Available):  605-261-4006


Elk Point

Walnut Apartments (Rent Subsidy Available):  605-929-5895



Four Winds (Rent Subsidy Available):  605-864-0588

Foxcroft Apartments (Rent Subsidy Available:  605-864-0588



Drexel Place Apartments:  605-951-8820

Hunters Gate Townhomes:  605-951-8820



Deer Hollow Apartments:  605-838-5781



Harvest Point Apartments (Rent Subsidy Available):  605-427-9630



East Woods Apartments: 605-996-4720

Grandview Apartments & Townhomes (Rent Subsidy Available):  605-996-4720

Pheasant Ridge Village Apartments: 605-999-5627

Winter Park Apartments (Rent Subsidy Available): 605-996-4720



St. Mary’s Hall:  605-366-8410



Fairmont Apartments (Rent Subsidy Available):  605-261-4006

HighPointe Townhomes: 605-215-2120

Prescott Townhomes: 605-215-2120



Parkwood Apartments (Rental Assistance Available): 605-929-5895

Riverwood Apartments (Rental Assistance Available):  605-929-5895