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A Home Inspection By Jeff could be the wisest choice a homeowner makes to protect themselves.

We want to give peace of mind to our clients about one of the largest investments they will make in their lifetime.

Jeff Wettlaufer doing an inspectionEvery home has a personality, the same as any buyer or seller, and the perfect home is defined by how it feels to the buyer/seller and how they connect with it. We believe that this connection is worth exploring potential flaws, defects and issues that might be overlooked or hidden.

When we inspect, we don’t go into a home to tear it down, or to build it up. We evaluate the home, visually and objectively, to identify potential issues so they can be addressed by the buyer and seller. Those issues will be identified as either problems to be checked or simply maintenance to be performed. This gives the peace of mind to our clients that we are constantly striving for.

About Us

Jeff WettlauferWhen I departed from Morrell, I was at a crossroad in my career. I looked into Home Inspector training, and instantly felt a connection to the profession. I trained with the Professional Home Inspection Institute in Madison, SD, doing coursework online, attending labs and going through homes with an inspector.I grew up on a family farm in eastern SD, learning countless trades along the way. General construction, wiring and plumbing are all skills learned when working on a farm, as well as identifying problems when they arise and correcting them before they become bigger issues. I graduated from SDSU with a degree in Animal Science and went to work for John Morrell in their sales department. I was always looking for something “better,” not out of greed, but out of a thirst for more knowledge.

What I have found is that I thoroughly enjoy working for other people in helping them discover the various characteristics that come with the home they have chosen to pursue. My ability to assess different situations and explain them to our customers is one skill that I pride myself in. I feel this helps our clients feel confident in buying the home they have connected with.