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'It's Not What We Do...It's How We Do It That Sets Us Apart

Did you know Hill Side Body is a family owned shop? Thats right! Two brothers, Mike and Doug Washburn, started Hill Side Body together in 2001 and established the business as an LLC in 2008. Since then the team has been perfecting the trade of autobody repair and restoration for customers in the surrounding Midwest area. We do hail repair as well.

Both brothers have degrees in auto body as well as separate custom paint certifications. In the shop, Hill Side Body also includes an artist from South Dakota - airbrush artist Brian Wilson. Rick Gillette is the body tech.

 The slogan "we strongly believe that it is not what we do... it is how we do it..." is what sets us apart from all the others rebuilders and body shops in the surrounding area.

Have insurance work? No Problem! We haven't nor will we ever enter into contracts with insurance companies to get more business. We believe that the customer should never take less of repair on their vehicle in order to save the insurance company a few bucks.

Worried you won't be able to cover the deductible? No Problem! We have several programs to help with deductibles as well.

Hill Side Body sets the standard higher by giving you top notch and complete repairs without over priced parts and service. We are true professionals, not backyard body men. The company currently offers a lifetime warranty with their paint backed directly by them.