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1407 W. 12th Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57104 Map
Phone: (605) 335-0307

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The Electric Crayon has been providing high-quality tattoos and piercing in Sioux Falls for over six years. From the first days of having the doors open we have always wanted to provide the best we can for our customers.  We offer three tattoo artists and two body piercers for all your needs. 

At The E.C. in Sioux Falls we love to do all styles of tattooing. From lettering to full sleeve work, we have experience doing all of it. We are also a full service piercing establishment. We do everything from basic ear piercings to body modifications you might not even know exist. We carry the largest jewelry selection in Sioux Falls. Lines of aftercare,stickers,shirts and misc merchandise is available in house too.

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