Sioux Falls Lutheran School & Preschool
308 W 37th St
Sioux Falls, SD 57105 Map
Phone: (605) 335-1923

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World Ready, Faith Secure

Founded in 1977, Sioux Falls Lutheran School's main campus is nestled in the center of Sioux Falls, SD. Conveniently located on W. 37th street, the SFLS property holds historic value – once an old cinema! We are a Sioux Falls school unlike any other, and a Local Best winner! In short, we are able to offer the finest private school education, while preparing learners to be World Ready, Faith Secure. It gets better…keep reading!

In addition to Christ-centered learning, we offer:Oct-20-2014-DSC_0567.jpg

  • World Ready, Faith Secure mantra.
  • Challenging academics in a Christian environment
  • High standards of academic achievement (our test scores rank above that of the state).
  • Highly-qualified and well-rounded team of staff and faculty.
  • Fine Arts education grades K-8.
  • Pre-K - 8 Spanish.
  • Technology integration of Smart Boards, iPads, and more inside the classroom.
  • Extracurricular activities.
  • Tuition assistance options like SCRIP.
  • Before and after school care on-site.
  • Unique Sioux Falls school environment.
  • Lifelong friendships
  • Awarded 2017 School of Distinction