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Howe, Inc.

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Howe Offers Old-Fashioned Service And Up-To-Date Technology

Now in its fourth generation, Howe, Inc. is proud of our longevity and stability. We're also proud that we've carried over some of the values and qualities of the 1940s into today.

Plumber Fixing Water Heater

But not everything at Howe is old-fashioned. We sell and service state-of-the-art plumbing, heating and air conditioning equipment and we're up to date on all the latest training and product innovations. Our technicians are professional and experienced, and are on call and ready to help you when emergencies happen.

To prevent those emergencies, ask us about our Peace of Mind Home Inspections. Our technicians will inspect your home's plumbing, furnace, air conditioner and underground sprinklers. A Peace of Mind Home Inspection will help add life to your plumbing, heating and AC air conditioning system – and they help ensure the safety and well-being of your family and your home.

We're also experts in green plumbing and heating trends. We'll analyze your home's unique needs and recommend an efficient green strategy for heating and air conditioning. Just a few easy updates, such as programmable thermostats and proper ducts, can make your home more energy efficient, and save heating and cooling dollars. Howe Inc. is a proud sponsor of the Sioux Falls Green Project.

Call us at 339-2020 to schedule your Howe Certified Green Home Inspection today and start saving!