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For quality septic services and more, turn to the professionals at A-1!

A-1 Pumping & Excavating offers residential and commercial pumping services, and we have three dispatched trucks to ensure your needs are met fast.

At A-1 Pumping, we know that a backed-up septic system is unpleasant to live in and also can cause permanent damage to your house or business. You should schedule regular maintenance check-ups to prevent these types of situations. However, we know that sometimes life slips out of your hands, and those emergency situations cannot always be avoided. Our efficient staff will help get you out of your stinky mess.

A-1 Pumping can and will pump anything that is septic related -- wash racks, floor drains, hydrants, waterers, plastic pipe and septic tanks. A-1 Pumping also provides installation of septic tanks and drain lines.

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