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The first choice for the best car detailing in Sioux Falls! We are the only mobile detailing service in Sioux Falls meaning we come to YOU! Click the Book Now button in the top right hand corner to book with us today! 


The average sealant or wax will last you 6 months under the best conditions. And while this is impressive the cost’s can add up quick. At an average of $250 per job and needing it done twice per year after just 3 years it will cost you $1500. 

Compare this to a ceramic coating which is permanent and will lock in the shine of your vehicle forever. And makes washing your car a breeze. No more waxing, bugs clean off with no work, bird poop wont stain your clear coat all of this adds up to saving you time and letting you do things that matter more. 

logo.jpgWASH AND WAX

  • High quality wash
  • Clay bar paint decontamination
  • Tires and rims cleaned
  • Tires dressed
  • High quality paint sealant that will last 6 months
  • Windows cleaned
  • Trim reconditioned


  • High quality wash
  • Chemical and clay bar paint decontamination
  • One step polish to make your paint look new again
  • Trim reconditioning
  • Tire and rim cleaning
  • Tire dressing
  • High quality paint sealant that lasts 6 months
  • Windows cleaned

HD Detailing is your local mobile detailing service! We do everything from simple vacuum and wash to full bumper to bumper show-car finish!

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