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13533202_1061963553881923_1349569845694832066_n.jpgWHY THE SOFT CLOTH METHOD IS BEST...

At 10th Street AutaWash, we use Soft Cloth™ technology and safe, gentle soaps and waxes. Soft Cloth™ vehicle washing technology is rated higher than hand washing or “touchless” methods. In “touchless” car washes, water pressures can exceed 1500 PSI and require strong acid-based chemicals to clean your vehicle. The chemicals remove all of the wax on your painted surfaces and, with repeated washings, can eventually produce small cracks in your clear coat finish.

We use only Blue Coral Wax products that gently clean and protect your vehicle and Auto Butler Paint Sealant in our detailing processes.  

We are also environmentally responsible. 10th Street Auta Wash uses sophisticated water reclamation, filtering, and purification systems. We've done our research, and industry experts report that they are not aware of any other car wash in the world that goes to the lengths we do to conserve one of our most precious resources - water.

10th Street Auta Wash does such a good job at water conservation, that during recent drought and water use restrictions imposed by the City of Sioux Falls, we were not asked to modify our washing process at all.

With the "Neo Glide" Conveyor Vehicle Movement System, our hydraulic conveyor is built underground and slowly moves your vehicle through the wash tunnel. One of the most important benefits to our customers is that it pushes your vehicle through the wash tunnel by the rear wheels instead of pulling it through by the front wheels. We know that pulling your vehicle by the front wheels could cause front end alignment problems. The conveyor is completely safe and does not harm your vehicle.

Our computerized vehicle washing system was custom-designed and installed by the leading vendor in our industry. Everything in our wash process is computer-controlled for high quality and consistency – the conveyor speed, the speed and pressure of the Soft Cloth™ technology, and the duration of soap and wax applications. We're proud to have the largest and most sophisticated installation of computer technology of any car wash in the world.

You can trust us with the care of one of your most valuable assets...your vehicle!


Mon.-Fri. 8 am to 7 pm
Sat. 8 am to 6 pm
Sun. 10 am to 5 pm